Deep Sky

Stefan Nebl
"Dark Clouds of Chamaeleon"

Christian Gow
(with Jay Grevell, Vivek Bannore, Paul Baker, and Ben Marks)
"NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy"

Jacob Heppell
"Corona Australis Nebula in LRGB"

Steeve Body
"IC-2944 The Running Chicken Nebula"

Anne-Maree McComb
"Chamaeleon Molecular Cloud"


Guy Walpole
"The Colours of Scorpius"

Jarrod Koh
"Dragon's Breath"

Troy Casswell
"Milky Way Treasures"


Kelvin Hennessy
"Cape Byron Lighthouse Moonrise"

Jarrod Andrews
"Ethereal Skogafoss"

Luke Tscharke
"Aurora over Federation Peak"

Solar System

Stefan Buda
"Stereoscopic Jupiter"

Lucy Yunxi Hu
"Dual Space Stations Transit the Sun"

Jarrod Koh
"C/2022 E3 ZFT approaching Mars"

Smartphone Astrophotography

Benjamin Alldridge
"Good Little Diver"

Open Theme - The Zodiac

Jong Lee"
Zodiacal Light Under Milky Way Arch"


Lachlan Wilson
"Broadband Christmas Tree Cluster"

Animated Sequences
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